Monday, July 28, 2008

Surviving with wolves

Away in the forest all darksome and deep,
The wolves went a-hunting when men were asleep;
And the cunning old wolves were so patient and wise,
As they taught the young cubs how to see with their eyes,
How to smell with their noses and hear with their ears,
And what a wolf hunts for and what a wolf fears.
Of danger they warned: "Cubs, you mustn't go there -
It's the home of the Grizzily-izzily Bear."

(W-o-o-o-o-o-ww! by Nancy M. Hayes.)

I feel like I should call this "Surviving Blogger", as I have had several attempts at trying to make some sense of this. But - I believe I've now turned the corner! Not exactly being pulled kicking and screaming into cyberspace (do we still use that expression?), and somewhat reluctantly adding more to the vast expanse of "stuff" out there, I am nevertheless looking forward to the exploration. I have already learned how to delete your blog - I must stress it was intentional. With my new cyber "identity", over the coming weeks I hope to share stories and other tales - true and false - about a creature dear to my heart that we share our Mother Earth with - Canis lupus. So let's share the journey among the real and unreal, as I'm sure many of us often contemplate the great unknown out there in the vast ether that is the blackness of IT. No guarantees we will be wiser or happier with the outcomes - but at least we're walking the path, and librarians are certainly not afraid of this big bad wolf!